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Why book Coco: An ex pageant model, Coco is the perfect choice for both local and foreign clients who want a pretty and sophisticated woman who is also tall. With Coco's friendly and outgoing personality, Coco does not only look gorgeous, but also makes for a very attractive romantic companion. (Due to strict privacy reasons, please contact +60139206609 .

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Escort's Carol

Why book Carol: Carol is an office lady who loves meeting new people. With Carol's sweet looks and hot body, it only adds to Carol's already attractive and sociable personality. A fun loving lady, Carol is definitely the right choice for the client looking for an eloquent and intelligent escort. (Due to strict privacy reasons, please contact +60139206609

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Escort's Ivy

Why book Ivy: An eloquent and beautiful lady, Ivy has sweet and friendly looks which many clients love. In addition to Ivy's good looks, having a penchant for fine experiences makes her a perfect companion to be around if you want a sophisticated escort. If you like a curvier and more exotic model, Ivy is one of the most popular escorts. (Due to strict privacy reasons, please contact +60139206609

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Escort's Coco

Why book Coco: An ex pageant model, Coco is the perfect choice for both local and foreign clients who want a pretty and sophisticated woman who is also tall. With Coco's friendly and outgoing personality, Coco does not only look gorgeous, but also makes for a very attractive romantic companion. (Due to strict privacy reasons, please contact +60139206609 .

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Escort's Agnes

Why book Agnes: A very young Kuala Lumpur Escort Model, Agnes is a beautiful girl who is a favorite among clients who like taller girls. With her fashion model appearance and good looks, combined with her friendly and sociable personality, Agnes is the perfect date for the businessman who wants an eloquent and elegant partner. (Due to strict privacy reasons, please contact +60139206609 .

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Escort's Liza

Why book Liza: Liza is a very friendly and feminine office lady. With Liza's pretty looks and hot body, it only adds to Liza's already attractive personality. An elegant and sociable model, Liza is the right choice for the client looking for an eloquent and beautiful escort. (Due to strict privacy reasons, please contact +60139206609 .

Escort Bukit Bintang

Escort's Mico

We are proud to present the devastatingly beautiful and sexy Mico. Curvy but slim with a perfectly toned figure this perfectly proportioned, stunning Kuala Lumpur model Agency is a reflective and artistic personality. Her immaculate presentation and stylish wardrobe are courtesy of her time studying fashion. To relax she likes to paint and read. Beneath the surface of her calm and compassionate surface beats the heart of a passionate and strong lady. If you crave the company of an educated, creative and alluring lady then you deserve to spend some time with Mico.

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Escort's Joey

The lady is often complimented on her long legs, deep sparkling sexy eyes and soft full lips that scream to be kissed.This sensational toned and curvaceous lady genuinely has a body to die for. Her natural beauty is augmented by her minimal use of make up and genuine friendly smile. If you prefer a fresh, natural and elegant appearance then this lady is definitely for you. She likes to think of herself as a temporary girlfriend and enjoys beginning a companion, to share mutual trust affection and respect. She is the rare full package with so much affection, charm, inspiration and friendship to share on all levels. She promises you will never have met someone like her before!

Malaysia Local Malay

Escort's Judy

What can we say about Judy that you can't guess from her photos? This busty goddness will melt your heart immediately with her effervescent personality, cheeky smile and sparkling eyes. She will enrapture and enthral you with her vivacious personality and charms. Never short of a humorous story or a quip this lady can also transform into an elegant and refined sophisticate on a whim.

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Escort's Michelle

Michelle is lady who has the looks and personality to excite the heart of any man. Her elegance and graceful style trigger appreciative glances wherever she goes. Educated and intelligent, she also makes a perfect travel companion. She possesses a sweet and sensual personality that makes her stand out from the rest of the world.

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Escort's Esther

 There is no other way to say it: Esther is a juicy lipped, peachy bummed Lebanese angel. Her sexy looks and attitude is a potent mixture that intoxicates men wherever she goes. Spend a little time with her and you will unravel delightfully rich layers of charm and complexity. Esther is a charming and polite lady able to speak in english. If you find this prospect irresistible then sure to book well in advance to avoid disappointment.

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Escort's Jennie

Ok gentleman, this is your lucky day. We are humbled to represent this breathtaking goddness. This sexy eye, black haired model will set your heart on fire. She is perfectly proportioned and always presents and deports herself immaculately.
  Jennie is busty, playful and engaging. Her alluring eyes and seductive manner that will set your heart racing, this lady knows how to move and use her body to drive men crazy. Beware! You are likely to remember time spent with Jennie as an inferno of the mind and heart that you are unlikely to match!

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Escort's Penny

Baby faced Penny is a real treat. This young, petite firecracker has a quick wit and a wide range of interests. Her pocket sized, curvy body will drive you crazy ,When not keeping keeping herself in perfect toned condition at the gym, enjoys spending time in shopping .She particulary warms to respectful gentleman who share her love of good food and stylish adventures.

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Escort's Chester

Super sexy Chester is a sophisticated treat who will set both your mind and your heart racing.She keeps her slinky, feminine but petite figure in perfect shape with a gym regime. One look at her toned body and immaculate presentation will leave you in doubt that her shape is truly a temple. Rest assured though, this is a kind hearted and open minded lady who knows how to let her hair down when it is time to party. So whether it's vibrant champagne sparkle you are after or an intimate and romantic encounter over bottle or two of fine red wine give us a call,whatsapp,sms and viber call on +60139206609 and making a booking with this rare treasure today.

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Escort's Vincy

We are proud to present exclusive to us and glamorous Vincy. She has an infecious passion for life reflected in her non-stop enthusiasm for dancing. Vincy is a body-is-my-temple kind of lady who is relentless in her pursuit of healthy fun. You will find yourself instantly captivated by her heart stopping beauty and sheer joy in life. You will be swept away by her joy and left breathless and contented by her presence. If you find yourself feeling in need of one life's most pleasant pick-me-ups then pick up your phone and call us to book a date with this rare force of nature today.

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Escort's Alicia

Class, wit and interpersonal prowess; I love nothing more than making a man feel like a man, and so he should. My name is Alicia My skin is ivory smooth and my body toned, thanks to my dedication to swimming. However, as much as I love good conversation and meeting interesting individuals outdoors, I must confess that I have the most fun between four walls.

Hotel Escort in KL

Escort's Summer

  Summer is a bundle of joy that you cannot afford to miss. The former model of the month in our agency. With great challenges come great satisfaction, so she says. Her radiant personality is instantly evident on meeting her. Her beaming smile and sweet character makes time spent with this stunning, naturally busty lady a memory that you will treasure for a very long time. She is soft, kind, affectionate but brutally sexy. Beware though, this lady's charms are so seductive that you may easily become addicted!

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Escort's Vivi

Vivi is very easy going lady. She is funny, open minded, elegant, sophisticted and highly educated. She enjoys good food, good company and of course, travelling.She keeps her body is perfect toned condition with her regular gym workout.
  This lady is very attentive. She is a good listener and she enjoys good conversation. She is interested in current affairs, love interests, meeting people, discovering new cultures and experiencing new pleasures. So be prepared when you meet this spontaneous and tolerant lady but remember she appreciates most of all the gallantry and humour of a true gentleman.

Bukit Bintang Massage Girl

Escort's Yoon

Yoon is one of the most naturally beautiful girls we have ever had the privilege of representing. We don't need to tell you that, it is obvious to anyone looking at her stunning photography. But in order to understand the true uplifting beauty of Yoon you will have to seize the opportunity to spend a little time with her. Behind the breathtaking features, hazel eyes and perfect figure Yoon has an angelic personality, spontaneous sense of humour and genuine warm, caring nature that will put you at ease immediately.

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Escort's Connie

Connie is a very friendly, open minded and sociable person. She has a refined eye and sophisticated tastes including cinema and music. This beautiful brunette matches her striking looks with perfect manners, a sharp wit and a depth of knowledge on many topics. Spend time with her and you will be transfixed by her outgoing personality and ability to find the humour in life. She loves to travel and meet people. Her favourite things in life include spending time with gentlemen with a matching sense of style and chivalry who know how to treat a lady.

Malaysia Hotel Call Girl

Escort's Winnie

Winnie personifies everything that we strive to achieve at kualalumpurmodelagency.com. From her perfectly proportioned body oozing femininity and allure, through her utmost attention to detail in personal presentation and appearance and finally to her sophisticated and educated mind. If you are looking to go straight to the top end of everything we could ever hope to offer then I cannot recommend more highly this stunning and stylish lady. Rest assure though that Winnie has a warm and easy going personality and she will make you feel at ease and able to make the most of your time together.

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Escort's Tracy

Tracy is a bubbly and feminine elite lady who adores the company of cultured and sophisticated gentlemen. You will be delighted to know that she is very friendly and has an easy going personality that will put you at ease immediately, but when you meet her you will undoubtedly prefer to keep her attention for yourself, perhaps with an intimate dinner date. She is waiting for a perfect gentleman with immaculate manners to sweep her off her feet. What are you waiting for?